The first application of PUR materials for desk edges in the furniture sector dates back to 1980s. In Western Europe, the production was developed in co-operation with chemical plants in Leverkuse, Germany and Krov b.v., Netherlands (www.krov.nl). In Eastern Europe, the implementation of this technology started little later, with the assistance by chemical plants in Chemnitz. The first production site was SKV GmbH, Bernsdorf, Germany (former GDR).

VASA installed its first cast PUR edges production line in 1994 and launched production of specifically-designed PUR systems. Unlike our competitors, we have focused on a system providing maximum level of safety and health in PUR applications.

As far as we know, cast edges for office and front desks are currently produced in USA, Netherlands, South Africa and Czechia.

Design and use of cast PUR edges

Our cast edges are made of specific integral-foam polyurethane specifically developed for production of shaped components featuring internal and external safety. Spcific weight 600-750 kg/m3 and Shore A 70.

 The advantages of this material are pleasant- to touch surface, high abrasive resistance, resiliency, thermal resistance and sun resistance. When applied onto MFC (melamine faced chipboard) desk edge, the polyurethane material penetrates up to 10 mm into the base during the subsequent processing operations, thus closing the pores in the woo-chip desk and preventing moisture to be absorbed by the base material. The edge cannot be torn off the base. The final shape will be given during PUR application onto the desk. The furniture designers often benefit from the flexible surface of PUR materials as an additional safety element. This technology has also been implemented in hospital beds and exposed spots of furniture items. The furniture with PUR edges can be easily cleaned (e.g. the entire hospital bed can be placed into a steam sterilizer).

Opinion of the supplier of raw materials for edges: "This material not only has found its integral place among materials, such as wood, metal and other plastic materials, but also has proven its advantages in shaping as well as smooth lines, high utility value and wide variety of colour tones in lacquering."

W use this polyurethane material for production of furniture components, senior house furnishings, hospital furniture items, office furniture and items in which the PUR edges improve design or function/safety. High-pressure facility for production of these components includes continuous colouring unit, guaranteeing uniform colour of edges. Specific weight of individual edge types, surface hardness (´shell´) and many other parameters can be adjusted to comply with specific customer wishes.

Safety and health certificates

The PUR technology has been implemented many years. The manufacturers of PUR systems, e.g. BASF, EniChem, BAYER and other companies, have extensive experience in production, distribution of basic raw materials, formulation, processing and also health and environmental espects associated with production and application of PUR systems. They regularly issue technical specifications and safety sheets as required by relevant EU provisions. These specifications/safety sheets are available in our plant.

Our products have been tested in Czech testing laboratories. The certificate no. 278/129/2001 has been issued by LIGNOTESTING laboratory (Wood and Furniture Testing Institute) SKTČ - 129, Bratislava for use of our products in Slovakia.

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